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Kissin' is the Best of A'
September 2011
Kissin' is the Best of A'  
Bruce MacGregor, Christine Hanson & Friends
1 The Perthshire Hunt/Kissin’ is the Best of A’/Donald Morison
2 The Irish Lass/Miss Buchanan of Cambusmore/Mrs A. MacGlashan
3 Sunday River Waltz
4 Her Mantle So Green
5 The Rant/Bruce MacGregor’s Strathspey/The Pipe Slang/
The Highland Man Kissed His Granny/Short and Simple
6 Gin Ye Kiss My Wife I’ll Tell The Minister
7 Mr. A.G. Wilken’s Favourite/Mrs Grant of Grant
8 Mary MacDonald/Auld Stewarts of Fothergill/Clydesdale Lasses
9 Dargai/The Sword Dance/Miss Shepherd
10 Nancy’s Waltz/The Caithness Cowboy
11 Lament for Captain Simon Fraser
Bruce MacGregor: fiddle
Christine Hanson: cello
Brian McAlpine: piano
Tim Edey: guitar and box
Produced by Dave Formula
Engineered by Dave Formula
Recorded at The Steadings
Mastered at
CastleSound Studios

by Bruce MacGregor
Christine Hanson, Bruce MacGregorIt seems like it was in another age that Christine and I first came together to record ‘101 Reasons to do Nothing’ – it was in fact ten years ago. This new album is nothing more or less than a collection of tunes that we enjoy playing. Many are very simple melodies that have survived hundreds of years and will hopefully continue to be played throughout the generations.

We are both very fortunate to have played music with some incredible people over the years. On this recording we're joined by two of the very best – Brian McAlpine on piano and Tim Edey on guitar and box. The album was recorded in three days, around four mics, in the beautifully atmospheric surroundings of the Harbinson’s Steadings in Morayshire.

Many thanks to Rod and Beth Harbinson for their generous hospitality. Many thanks to Charlie Webster for rescuing the cello. Huge thanks to the talent and spirit of Tim Edey and Brian McAlpine.

Recorded January 2011 at The Steadings, Morayshire
Engineered and produced by Dave Formula

Album design and layout by Dawn Woolsey,
Woolsey Design
Cover photograph,
Il Bacio, used with permission from Furman S. Baldwin
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